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GQ Magazine Shows Some Love

Best College Towns in America (When the students are gone)

In June’s edition of GQ Magazine, an article was written identifying the “Best College Towns in America…when students are gone.” As you could suspect, Madison was named as one of those great towns and HotelRED was noted as THE place to stay!

An excerpt from the article

Wisconsin’s the Dairy State, but no one would dispute its secondary claim to fame as a land that flows with beer. Home to Miller and its offspring (not to mention the birthplace of Pabst), it’s got more than a hundred breweries spread out across its plains. The best of them are in or around Madison, the state’s capital and home to its flagship university, and that makes sense: The 43,000 Wisconsin Badgers are almost all double-majoring in beer consumption. Luckily, they’ve decamped for internships out east or cabins up north for the summer, so the taps are yours for the taking…

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