HotelRED Goes Green

HotelRED Goes Green
April 23, 2018

At HotelRED, we’re proud to be a leading eco-friendly property. We believe that hospitality and sustainability should go hand in hand, so we put a distinct focus on sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly, conserve energy, and prioritize local products and services. Conservation isn’t only a way to to enhance the guest experience, but a way to keep costs low for everyone.

In addition to using a responsible towel- and sheet-recycling program, we also donate our soap to a local homeless charity and buy local as often as possible. Even our building itself is green! Our building has glass windows throughout to offer plenty of natural light and a high insulation factor. Our architecture’s main component is concrete, an element that serves as a highly sustainable resource that is both efficient and durable. One particular initiative we’ve been focusing on is ensuring all of our lighting, electrical, and heating are all high efficiency.

In addition, HotelRED has partnered with Sustain Dane, a sustainability organization that believes change happens when inspired people take action. Their ultimate goal is to transform Dane County into a healthy, thriving place for everyone. HotelRED assembled a ‘Green Team’ to participate in the Energy Stewards Program. This program proved to be effective for the hotel to reduce financial and environmental costs by turning intention into action in the categories of alternative transportation, waste reduction, energy efficiency, green IT, and sustainable food choices.

Most recently, we hosted a week long Electronic Waste Drive to encourage community members to dispose of their used electronics. We worked with Cascade Asset Management to properly dispose of IT and electronic assets at no cost to the donors.