1501 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711

Our art: bold, modern & whimsical

Our artwork is not to be missed. With photos by Zane Williams, glasswork by Eric Lee and room art by bespoken art, you’ll love what you see.

Zane Williams

A popular Madison-based photographer, Zane Williams has captured some of the most beautiful images within the hotel. His iconic images of Madison can be seen throughout the hotel.

Eric Lee

Eric Lee’s breathtaking glasswork is prominently displayed in our lobby. His work effectively conveys the modern yet elegant feel of our hotel.

bespoken art

Some of our most distinctive artwork is found in our guest rooms. Recorded using our owner’s voice, the artwork above each guest room bed is a visual representation of some of the most popular local phrases and places.


Artwork displayed in the Monroe Room is provided by Arts + Literature Laboratory. Arts + Literature Laboratory is a nonprofit community art space that showcases the work of visual, literary, and performing artists. They aim to bring creative individuals together and spark innovative collaborations.

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