1501 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711

We make a big impression & leave a small footprint

At HotelRED, we’re proud to be a leading eco-friendly property. In addition to using a responsible towel- and sheet-recycling program, we’re also active participants in the Global Soap Project and buy local as often as possible. Even our building itself is green!


Our building

  • Glass windows throughout to offer plenty of natural light and a high insulation factor
  • Concrete, a highly sustainable resource, is used throughout
  • Our lighting, electrical and heating are all high efficiency


Monroe Street Green

    Monroe Street Green is WEI’s newest initiative focused on cultivating, educating and supporting businesses that make a strong commitment to the environment. They work with businesses that are ready to move forward with more sustainable operations. HotelRED has implemented innovative “best practices” and technologies to benefit the community and environment.


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